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Blizzard We can't even begin to thank you enough for all you do for us as our puppy sitter, healer and angel. You helped take care of our baby boy Blizzard when he was sick and supported us through the most difficult time. You became our trusted friend and we now consider you part of our family. We will never leave home unless you are available to puppy sit for Lily. Knowing you are home with her gives us peace of mind to go away and enjoy. Thank you for everything. We love you "aunt" Jill. WOOF! WOOF! Sandy, Michael, Lily (and Blizzard) XOXOXO

For the last 18 months, Jill has been a weekly or biweekly presence in our home to help us care for our aging Greyhound. Four years ago, Kaylie began having Grand Mal seizures that lasted 15-20 minutes. They took a toll on her...and us, but they only occurred every six months or so. Our vet told us it was probably not epilepsy but a brain tumor. As time went on, the frequency of seizures increased and we called upon Jill to do some holistic healing for our girl. Jill's intuitive sense and energy talent reduced the frequency and severity of Kaylie's seizures. After each session, Kaylie was relaxed and de-stressed. Jill bought us more time with our sweet girl and for that, we will be eternally grateful. It turns out that Kaylie does have elder epilepsy onset, not a brain tumor, so we have had to put her on meds to help control the seizures, but now Jill still helps diffuse the energy issues and also helps with some of the drug side effects. We are so blessed to have Jill as a presence in our lives.
Kathryn Stoddard

Jill has been performing acupressure on my two cats, Max and Paws, for 4 years now. This helped ease Paws passing away about a year ago, and Jill still performs acupressure on Max. She also administers fluids, and meds. She does everything for him other than vet check ups. Jill really goes beyond the call of duty, and I am so happy to have her.

My sweet pups and I could not survive with our Miss Jill. Jill is trustworthy, prompt, loving and totally a caring person and dog lover. I could not feel more comfortable leaving my home and pups with anyone else.

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