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Q: Are you a Veterinarian?
No. My services are in addition to vet services and are meant to keep your pet healthy and therefore have less vet visits etc. I am also there to be with you for declining health to help make them more comfortable in the end.

Q: Why should I call you when I'm facing a quality of life choice for my pet?
I will give you an honest evaluation of your pet's quality of life. I spent over 4 years working with a veterinarian who preformed transitions in the home. I look at the diagnosis that your vet gave your baby, but more importantly I help tell you what your pet is saying. As a behaviorist, I look at how your pet interacts in your home and use his/her behavior to judge his/her quality of life. I also communicate with your pet to see how s/he is feeling. By looking at physical, behavioral, and spiritual qualities of life, I will give you a well rounded opinion. If you decide it's time for your furry baby to cross over, I cam also take care of all arrangements for you, including having a veterinarian to come to your home to help your pet transition. What ever I can do to make this sorrowful time easier for you and your pet, I'm here for you!

Q: Will I stay overnight in your house with your pet(s)?
Yes. I will be happy to stay overnight with your furry friends. I can also come one to two times a day to feed, water, play, walk and give any medicines or supplements your pet is currently taking. I spend at least 30 minutes a visit and usually more time with your pet. My goal is to keep them happy and content while you are away.

Q: What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese form of energy balancing. It is a technique that reduces stress and promotes healing through relaxation. It is based on the energy that flows through all living things. Reiki helps promote healing in the entire being. It helps balance mind, body, and spirit.

Q: What routine services do I provide?
I try to help with most aspects of your pet's needs. I can perform nail trims, administer medications, and give subcutaneous fluids. I can also exercise/walk your dog.

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